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Rescue Squad Omega is a rogue like deck building game in space. For reasons still unknown, you are the last hope for the galaxy (the known parts anyways) and sent on a very special rescue mission. Fight your way through enemies of ever-increasing strength while picking up new crew members and capabilities along the way.

It's gonna be a hard journey, Captain!


Build a deck dynamically while travelling through space

  • Choose your cards with care! Loot cards to add to your deck from defeated enemies. Find and use powerful synergies to your advantage to defeat increasingly harder foes.

Discover new crew members

  • While travelling through interstellar space, you will meet or hire powerful allies that will lend their special skills to your cause and make you even stronger.

A new experience every time

  • Whenever you start a new mission to save the galaxy, you will find yourself traveling a new path and visiting other planets. Who will you meet this time? Will you take the easy path and huddle through, or will you risk it all to find those special ship upgrades?

This game is still in development!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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rescue-squad-omega-windows.zip 29 MB
Version 0.83
rescue-squad-omega-mac.zip 31 MB
Version 0.83
rescue-squad-omega-linux.zip 43 MB
Version 0.83

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Is this game still going to be updated?

Hey, thanks for asking and yes it is.

I fell of the wagon for a little bit because I was on and off sick half of December and January.

But I am now back in the dev-saddle :)

Currently working on enemies for the second sector.

Will probably upload a small update next week, that just fixes some bugs I noticed and fixed already.

Sorry to keep you waiting for that long.

Ah, okay. Is the boss supposed to be impossible so that you can't get to the second sector, then? Because currently, it's... rather insane.

You can totally win that fight via several different methods.

Hint: When you kill the big main part, the small ones explode too.

I really love the UI, it looks extremely well made and polished. A little music could go a long way. The gameplay concept seems interesting and unique but card games aren't my thing.

Good luck with your game! I'm sure it will succeed.

Thank you, music is on the agenda, but there are a lot of things on my todo list with higher priority for now.

Glad you like the UI, because i am never sure it's good enough yet.